Why You Look Better Than You Think
Why You Look Better Than You Think

It’s something we all experience at some time or other…the feeling that our appearance is not good enough.

It’s actually pretty common and a known psychological assumption.

You see, you know yourself all too well, you’re intimate with every one of your flaws and they stand out to you.

We see others as more attractive and better put together and psychologists and Mark Twain wrote that “comparison is the death of joy,”. 

You see, most people care more about how others will perceive them than others actually do or care.     

Studies have shown that when a person is asked to score their look out of 10 they consistently score themselves 3-5 points lower than those who were asked to score them.

So, relax. Strive to look your best because you deserve it not because of what others will think. As a result, your world will change for the better because you’ll free yourself from a worry you need not have carried in the first place.

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