male and female professionals behind text 7 Steps to a Polished Professional Image7 Steps to a Polished Professional Image

People Trust Those Who Look The Part….and they afford them more time to prove their worth.

It makes good sense to take the time to create a visual presentation that those we are wishing to do business with will respond positively to.

Here are my guidelines to help you discover the best look for you.


After your next first-time meeting, think about the impression the person made on you. Analyze how much of that impression was formed from the way they were dressed, how they behaved, their grooming and body language etc.

Practice analyzing at least one person every few days and you’ll soon discover that in image management all factors work together to create a perfect professional image.


Think about their appearance grooming and how they dress.

If they need improving, what would you improve and why? If they look great likewise make a note of what they are wearing and why you believe their look has merit.


Every day choose a new item you wear and study it in detail. This could be a jacket, suit, shoes, shirt, dress or an accessory.

Improve on it. Change it. Combine it with something else for an alternative look. When you shop for new clothes buy something appropriate but in a different look/style.

Find out what works and what doesn’t and work out why.


This is by far the best and most cost-effective way to perfect your image. It will cost you less in money, time and stress than the process of trial and error you may put yourself through.


Read books, newspapers, and magazines, watch videos, listen to podcasts, study the media, all are excellent ways to upgrade your knowledge when it comes to clothes and staying current.


How do I look? This is the simplest way to get feedback. Don’t be shy, ask those you trust and who you admire their professional style. In most cases, people will be honest with you. Don’t however, make a nuisance of yourself by asking the same question day-in and day-out.


Confidence also comes from knowing you look great and are wearing the right outfit at the right time.

If you lack confidence with the way you look you can seek the help you need with My Private Stylist. Your program will show you all the styles that suit your age, height and shape as well as how to coordinate outfits and dress for business.

By knowing what suits you and learning how and when to wear outfits you’ll find you’ll have a brand new mindset and polished appearance.

And when you know you look great you feel empowered to take on the world.

Let me help you create a business wardrobe that will take you where you want to go.

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