Suit Smarts for Men

When Buying a Suit Think Ahead

Buying a new suit should not start in the store. It should start well ahead of time as you determine why and when you’ll be wearing it.

Is the suit for work? Date night? A buddy’s wedding? Funerals or all of the above?

By first determining when and where you’ll be wearing your suit you’ll be well on the way to making the right color choice.

➡️ If you need to project professionalism and experience, a mid to dark charcoal or blue-gray will work with anything and go anywhere.

➡️ If this is your first suit start with navy. It has the pedigree that will give you credibility.

➡️ You won’t look like UPS guy however, brown seldom projects authority. It’s best kept for casual events.

➡️ Black is best for formal events and funerals. You may be mistaken for the security guard if you wear it to the office.


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