2016 is about to dawn and with a new year comes the promise of new opportunities, fresh starts and better and exciting times ahead.

Whatever your dreams, to achieve them you’ll need supportive friends, a positive mindset and a sound plan to keep you on track. Big goals require courage, commitment and resilience. With every set-back you rise from, you’ll grow stronger and wiser – so never, ever give up. Those who reach their goals are rarely the brilliant or talented but those who have persevered long after others have given up.

This week’s post is a collection of wise words from the many people who have influenced my life (especially my parents).

New Beginnings

~ Never be satisfied until you have found your purposeNever stop searching for why you were put on this earth and what your God-given talent is.

~ Find something that you are passionate about. Passion creates the enthusiasm that delivers boundless energy and will inspire others to believe in you. 

Build your future on integrityBe a person of your word. The unity of passion and integrity is a powerful force. 

Don’t do or say anything you would not want to read about in tomorrow’s news – you are a person of influence, whether it be to your friends, your children or your clients. If you lie, cheat or mislead you imply to others that it is acceptable behavior. 

Take a little step toward your goal/dream every day – even if you can only spare five minutes. 

Appreciate the journey – many successful people will tell you that once they arrived at their goal, they realized that the journey was the best part.

Associate with people whom you wish to become like – the old saying ‘lay down with dogs, rise up with fleas’ has its basis in fact.

Try to make wise decisions – the choices you make will affect your future just as they have created your present circumstances, take the time to think things through and seek wise council. 

Expect to make mistakes – They are life’s most valuable lessons. Failure only comes when you have not learned from a mistake and you repeat it. 

Expect things worth having not to come easily – Success is the reward for struggle and hard work.

Never forget your potential – even if others do.

~ No matter how much you look forward or dread something, it always passes; nothing is permanent so hang tight and appreciate every moment.  

Find someone who believes in you – negative people will only rob you of your potential.

~ Hugs your kids often and call your parents every week. Tell them you love them – they need to hear it more than you realize.

Evict your personal critic – when your inner voice starts to undermine your confidence, send it packing. 

Create a personal success file – and add to it daily, even if it is something small. Read it once a week to remind yourself of your progress. 

Do something nice for another person daily – without expectation of return. This can be as small as letting a car in, during peak hour or giving someone a genuine compliment. 

Spend time with your friends and family – they are your most valuable assets. Life is short and its length unpredictable, so get up now and go phone someone. 

Nurture yourself – eat well, exercise, get enough sleep, take regular time-out and spend time with those who love you. 

Value yourself – Don’t feel guilty if you occasionally spend money on yourself or buy something frivolous. Shrouds don’t have pockets and you’re definitely worth it. 

Occasionally do something silly – The best stress-reliever and depression-buster is laughter. 

Pray for guidance and expect an answer.

  1. These are so really really wise words- to betaken in everybody’s heart! Thank you so much and take best wishes for a brillant and shining 2015!!!

  2. Great points Ann. Hope that 2015 is fabulous.

  3. Thanks Ann,
    Words of wisdom , going on my wall to be read daily.
    Hope all your dreams and goals come to fruition in 2015.
    Cheers, Toni Richards

  4. Thanks for the wise words Ann. I will keep them close to my heart.
    Have a wonderful 2015

  5. Thanks for these wise words. To think about and care for others is so meaningful, and we realise we have lovely gifts of life to share.
    All the best for 2015. I have enjoyed reading your blog, and learned much from it. So thank you

  6. Great words for me to read on New Year’s Eve! Thank you! Ready to begin the New Year with purpose, integrity, compassion and courageous!

  7. What a wise list of nurturing a well rounded, satisfying, and purpose-filled life. I want to take a moment to thank you for your blog. I get it in my email and really enjoy your style and life tips. JOY to you in 2016!

  8. Inspiring and uplifting words, something for each of us Ann. Looking forward to more of your great posts in the New Year – have a good one! x

  9. Thanks for the words of wisdom… I will certainly keep them in mind for this year 2016.

  10. Dear Ann
    Happy New Year to you.
    Thank you for all the valuable and most interesting posts. You are most clever with your advice.
    For me , it is such a help in identifying and solving some fashion questions.
    I do so enjoy your information. Thank you again for putting such an effort into your info and supplying the photos that make it easier to understand.
    Have a wonderful and healthy 2016.
    Warm wishes
    Joanne Robson

  11. Thought provoking – thank you.
    Have to say though….. I absolutely love your glasses…. Can you please tell me the brand….gorgeous on you?

  12. Thanks Anne for those very fine thoughts for the New Year. I will remind myself of them often while I strive to be a better human being. . I do enjoy reading your emails. In appreciation of your passion and purpose, wishing you and Pret A Styler a very happy New Year.

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