Be a Flamingo

Be a Flamingo

Who gets noticed? 

The flamingo of course because she stands out in a great way.

If you’ve ever thought twice about strutting your stuff because you were afraid people will notice then here are some reason why you should:

You’ll Get Your Message Across

Dress the message you want to convey. People are more likely to listen to what you have to say if you are well dressed. Why? Because they are seen as smarter and confident.

You’ll Feel 10 Feet Tall

I’m sure you know the feeling of looking in the mirror and loving what you see. Everything is just perfect, the outfit looks amazing and is exactly your personal style. Your hair is behaving itself and your makeup is making you smile at yourself. You look great so you feel great and your mindset is firmly placed in the confident zone. On a day like this, you leave the house on a high and your day will meet your expectation.

You’ll Be More Productive

It’s been proven over and over again…when you are dressed smartly you will be more productive and behave better. Studies have shown that business casual days are less productive because mindsets are more casual. Bringing to life the saying ‘You are what you wear‘.

It’s Fun to Look Great

What girl does not like to dress up? Special occasions are not the only time to show off our style. Let’s all dress like every day is our last.

When You Stand Out You Gain Respect

It doesn’t matter if you’re at school pickup, the office, a bar or a picnic, people are always looking at you. So, why not make it worth their while?  I don’t mean dress up put others down or so far above everyone else you’ll get everyone’s noses out of joint. But when everyone else barely makes an effort, the one who looks pulled together gets noticed and respected. At work, management will notice and it’s the consistently well-dressed and groomed person who gets selected for special assignments.

In the end, looking your best doesn’t require a lot of money or time but it does reap a whole heap of social and business rewards. 


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