Congratulations, I see you are enrolling in the Wardrobe, Shopping & Client Services course.

Have you considered how beneficial it could be to you to add the Personal Style Expression unit into your study notes?

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In the Personal Style Expression, you will learn how to read your clients preferences and ensure that you are dressing them in clothing that they will want to wear. Too often clients can be persuaded to purchase a garment that might look good on them but does not align with what they truly feel inside. This can often leave clients suffering from buyers remorse and speaking poorly about the stylist with whom they went shopping and stylists in general.

If you want to work in fashion retail? This is the unit that will help you.

Part 4 – This is Units 8 & 11 from our Full Style and Image Management program.

Every client has an individual personal style and this course walks you through how to recognize and recommend wardrobe choices to suit every client every time. Whilst all of your clients may have the same body shape you will dress each of them differently depending upon their personality. This course ensures that you not only dress the clients outer but inner style as well.

You cannot dress a client without knowing this information.

Once completed you’ll have a deeper understanding and appreciation of human personalities and their adaption to their wardrobe and wardrobe choices

This combination of courses is ideal for:

  • Students of Image Consulting,
  • Students of Styling
  • Individuals wishing to work at the Executive level
  • Retail Stylists
  • Life Coaches
  • Style bloggers
  • Anyone else who has a love of clothing, fashion, and the human psyche.

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