No matter how many times we are told to stop body-shaming ourselves, there are some areas we just can’t get over. I admit and raise my hand as being guilty. Let’s face it, in this age of Photoshop and caked on cosmetics, it’s hard to know what a “real” woman looks like.

Let me give you a clue: look in the mirror – yep, she looks just like you. She’s your cubicle mate, your best friend, your sister, that woman sitting across the restaurant from you—we are the real women, not those we see in the pages of Glamour or Vogue.

So today, I’m starting with our arms (the area I dislike most). As much as we’d like to showcase guns like Angela Basset’s and Michelle Obama’s, everyone’s body is different and some areas are nearly impossible to tone compared to others. However, there’s no need to completely miss out on a lovely blouse or dress because of this tricky area! So here’s my tips to look amazing while hiding heavy arms.

Embrace a Shawl

Scarves are becoming a big closet staple thanks to their useful versatility, and endless options of styles and designs. Deck your shoulders with a nice sheer silk scarf to play with a light breeze, or a chunky option to help keep you warm through the day. You can even belt a longer scarf to make it into a stylish poncho. Over a nice dress or even a t-shirt and jeans, you can definitely have some wiggle room here.

Shawl Collage

Make Your Jacket a Statement Piece

If you love jackets then make it a statement piece that you’ll feel confident—not covered—in. Make your jacket, blazer, or cardigan a stand out piece that will make people wonder where got it from, not what you’re hiding underneath. A statement jacket is a great way to show a little personality and get the right attention. You definitely won’t be worrying about your arms, you’ll be fixated on how fabulous you feel instead.

Jacket Collage

Relaxed Sleeves Can Save the Day

You don’t always want to cover up entirely, and let’s face it – fashion is too much fun to stick with a few top styles. Loose/relaxed sleeves are a playful way to camouflage any top arm bulge you may feel insecure about. From floral kimono tops to flutter sleeves and relaxed sweaters your look will leave you instantly worry free. Just be careful not to create too much bulk – soft, relaxed or flowing is the key.

Loose SleevesCollage

Accentuate Other Areas

When you have a trouble spot, simply don’t place all the focus on it. When it comes to makeup, we contour what we want to shape, and highlight what we want to accentuate—this can be done with fashion too! Using accessories, pattern or colour attract the attention to one of your best features or areas. Add a belt to cinch your waist, or step into some pumps to make your calves look like you’ve been running miles. It’s so easy to accentuate what you love and divert attention off away from area you’d rather camouflage.


Opt for Sheer Sleeves

A transparent overlay can make a big difference as a sleeve option. Yes, your arms are covered, but not as if they were long cotton sleeves. Sheer is very in at the moment, but sheer sleeves are even hotter! You will definitely cover what you want while staying on trend. Are you afraid of that sleeveless dress you used to love? Take it out of the closet now and rock it with a completely sheer long sleeve top underneath.


Sheer sleeves are also excellent for adding under a sleeveless dress leaving you cool, your arms flattered and you wearing a smashing dress in the knowledge You Look Fab!


Sheer slleves under dres

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