Ann Reinten AICI CIP


Ann Reinten is a Certified Image Professional (CIP) with The Association of Image Consultants International(AICI) and the founder, owner and visionary of Image Innovators: a company represented in 27 countries.

Recognized internationally as world leader in the field of image education and product development, Ann travels to many countries every year training and assisting over 500 image consultants use the products she and her husband Ron, have developed.

In May 2010 Ann was awarded AICI’s highest achievement award; an IMMIE for Product Innovation and Excellence.

As a image consultant trainer, Ann is high-energy and entertaining, making what could be long training sessions into enjoyable, fast-paced, fun days which leave the students excited and motivated to launch their careers.

Considered a trainer of trainers a number of Ann’s students have gone on to become notable image consultants and create companies of their own, these include; Lula Kiah (USA and Mexico), Minnette Luus and Allette Winkler (South Africa), Wendy Lee (Malaysia), Clare Maxfield(Australia), Ferial Youakim (Australia and the USA).

Ann’s career started in 1981 after a severe back injury ended a nursing career she felt she had been born for.  After a period of recovery and with the realisation that nursing was no longer an option, Ann discovered image consultancy and initially trained with Creative Image.  After several years she became the Southern States Director for Creative Image, and in 1996, after becoming frustrated with the image resources available at that time, she left to create The Australian Image Company and an Australian range image products.

Blessed with a supportive husband, who despite his own high level corporate position with a fortune 500 company, gladly provided the initial IT support through his passion for programming. Together they developed their first computer assisted style program and colour programs. From that time onward, the Internet, Ann’s growing status within AICI (Association of Image Consultant’s International), her many speaking engagements, books and six year position as the image feature writer for Australian Stitches magazine, all combined to set The Australian Image Company on the path to international success.

Over the subsequent years Image Innovators Pty Ltd  has grown substantially by every improving and adding to their product line as well as their consultant support.

In 2007, their first International Master License was awarded to Minnette Luus for South Africa, followed in 2009 by Lula Kiah for Mexico, and Jerneja Agić for Slovenia and Croatia.

To-date Ann’s products are in English and Spanish.

2009 was also the year Image Innovators Pty Ltd was launched to represent the company’s ever growing global market.  In 2011, this name replaced The Australian Image Company.