It is not the Form that Dictates the Colour, but the Colour that Brings out the Form.

~Hans Hoffmann~

Mastering the Basics of Image Consultancy is a 12-day, intensive image consultant training course that is internationally certified.  The course covers the core competencies of image consultancy as determined by the Association of Image Consultants International. The objective of this course is to empower students with the skills, confidence and resources to give clients accurate, personalised, practical and up-to-date information.

Each year Mastering the Basics of Image Consultancy is facilitated in several countries by certified trainers who have full-time successful image consultant businesses, and who know how to engage students and make the course enjoyable.

Fun, fast-paced and facilitated over an 13-day period you have the seventh day off  to rest and recuperation day before moving on to Module 2 (Colour Analysis).

As a result of the course’s international reputation, many international students attend our courses. It is recommended that students are fluent in the language the course is being held in.

Students are welcome (and encouraged) to re-sit any module that they have previously taken as a paid student anywhere the course is run providing they are still registered as a consultant with Image Innovators. Those who re-sit modules are charged a minimal amount to cover food and handouts.

Our Image Consultant Training courses are facilitated in several countries and are available in English or Spanish – see Dates, Locations & Languages for details.

If you have a minimum of six students that are willing to take modules 1 to 3 we are willing to facilitate our image consultant training at a location of your choice if we can fit the course into our calendar.



  • Module 1 (Style and Image Management) is facilitated over the first 6 days of the course and may be taken as a stand-alone module.
  • The 7th day is a Rest and Recuperation day for students.
  • Module 2 (Multi Racial Colour Analysis) is facilitated over days 8 to 11 and may be taken as a stand-alone module.
  • Module 3 (Business Building) is facilitated on day 12 and is cost-free to students when modules 1 and 2 are taken at the same time..
  • Students who retain their company registration are welcome and encouraged to resit any module they have previously paid for, as many times as desired. This includes any international course. A minimal daily fee is payable for morning and afternoon tea and handouts.


Each day the course runs from 9am to 5pm (for 6 or less students) or 8.30am to 5.30pm (for 7-12 students).

At the end of the course students are required to complete a series of post-course assignments to ensure they are confident and competent to work independently. Once the assignments are completed and the required marks are reached each student receives a full colour Certificate of Attainment and will be listed on the Image Innovators Public website.

Students are provided with ongoing support for a minimum of 6 months.

Enjoy an Extensive Full Range of  Product Samples and Resources

Besides excellent teaching, our image consultant training course is complemented by a vast amount of high quality, comprehensive take home materials.

Our course content is constantly being monitored and is up-dated when necessary to ensure the highest quality of information for students.

Students are given a Username and Password to their own Personal Merchant Admin website where everything they need is at their fingertips – from creating style programs, ordering and tracking product orders, accessing and downloading resources, to the consultant blog and much more.

No pre-existing fashion experience, specific age group or gender are required to attend the course. However, a love of people, a willingness and energy to work hard, some extra finance and an entrepreneurial spirit are required.

In addition, we suggest that approximately $2,000 will be required to equip your business with stock (Style kits, Colour swatches, etc) and business cards.

Our eStyle programs and merchant website require you to have a computer, printer and access to the Internet.