May, 2022

25may(may 25)11:00 am(may 25)11:00 amWebinar - Face ReadingKnow your client before they utter a word.


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The ancient study of Personology…or Face Reading allows you to get an idea of what is going on in your client’s mind.

The study of face reading goes back almost 2700 years to the time of Aristotle when scientists studied the correlation between human behaviour and an individual’s physical form. This early study was called Physiognomy and has been a source of discussion and research for centuries.

Early last century a Los Angeles judge by the name of Edward Jones had ample time to make his own studies of the people who came into his court. He took these studies further and after analysing the original 200 traits that had been studied to date he narrowed his findings down to 68 traits that had roughly 92% accuracy when it came to profiling an individual.

Understanding these traits can make getting to know the person in front of you a whole lot simpler. Imagine if just by looking at someone you could tell if they were really open, or slightly closed, someone who likes the big picture, someone who needs loads of details, someone who processes information in a linear sequential manner or someone who thinks very quickly on their feet, and much much more.

During this webinar, you will learn the traits to understand

  • How much information to give your client
  • who will be happy to toss out everything in their wardrobe as opposed to the hoarder
  • Who will take things very personall
  • Who will be the joker in a group
  • Who has great confidence and more

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