Is Your Place of Work a ‘Business Casual’ Casualty?

Has this happened to your business?


  • You’ve implemented casual dress and left the guidelines to ‘common sense’ only to find your office now looks more like lunchtime at McDonalds?
  • You’re afraid that the appearance of your staff could distract or disturb others?
  • You suspect sales are being lost or your company’s image has gone downhill?
  • Your staff needs help understanding how to manage the variations of business casual to ensure they create a professional impression every time they meet clients?
  • Are you considering introducing ‘Business Casual’ dress into your Workplace and want to avoid the pitfalls from the outset?


If you answered yes to any or all of the above, call today and enlist Ann Reinten AICI CIP to facilitate her invaluable and insightful three hour ‘Keeping the Business in Business Casual’ seminar for your organisation .


Learning Outcomes

  • An understanding of what business casual dress is and how to manage its introduction
  • An appreciation of why business casual dress is fraught with danger
  • How to manage the five crucial aspects of image to ensure personal professional success
  • An awareness of the impact and perceptions associated with business casual dress
  • Knowledge of what’s appropriate and what’s not
  • Insight into the 10 interpersonal saboteurs of business casual
  • Recognition and understanding of the three levels of appropriate casual dress
  • Understanding of the ‘dress for purpose’ approach to business casual
  • How to acquire new clothes and integrate existing garments into a business casual wardrobe without spending a fortune
  • Knowledge of how to impress anyone at anytime in any level of business dress


Please note: topics may be added or subtracted depending on the needs of the organisation.

Attendee Brief

Business casual is fraught with many interpretations and misunderstandings.  When implemented well it promotes communication, makes everyone feel part of a team, leads to a friendly, more relaxed and less stressful work atmosphere and allows for greater individuality of dress.  Done badly and the results can be disastrous to a workplace and business relationships.

In this workshop we will cover all the aspects of business casual that leads to confusion and misunderstandings from: what are the various levels of business casual and when are they appropriate, what is too casual and too dressy, how to mix and match to create a versatile wardrobe and the role fashion should play in your business casual attire.

This will be a highly enjoyable event designed to ensure you have the skills and knowledge necessary to make certain that your professional image is working for you no matter what the dress code.


This event can be run as a half or full day event.

Price  on Application.


Additional Services

  • Individual personal image programs may be purchased at a corporate rate to accompany this program.
  • Personalised Image Programs
  • Individual Style Guides to go with online personal programs
  • Individual consultations with image consultant
  • Personal Shopping