Creating Power through Visual, Verbal and Behavioural Effectiveness


The appearance, attitudes, and behaviour of your staff are seen by the public as a direct reflection of the attitudes and behaviour of the organisation they represent.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent every year by organisations on branding, yet all this can be lost within seconds when your staff comes in contact with your clients and customers.

The Power of Image equips attendees with a solid appreciation and understanding of the skills necessary to ensure their personal and professional image enhances both their commercial efforts and the image of their organisation.


  • Why Image Matters
  • Sell Yourself First
  • Perceived Image Verses Received Image
  • The Dynamics of The Human Form
  • The Art Of Impression Management
  • Mastering Professional Dress Codes
  • The Role Of Fashion In A Business Wardrobe
  • The Psychology of Colour (Turning On The Brain)
  • How To Support Your Image
  • Body Language
  • Professional Etiquette
  • Grooming Skills
  • Tiny Turnoffs That Leave Lasting Impressions
  • Managing Your Wardrobe Dollars To Ensure Value and Quality
  • Shopping Strategies and Personal Dressing Systems

This event can be run as a half or full day event.

Note: topics may be added or subtracted depending on the needs of the organisation.


There are no second chances in our fiercely competitive world, a poor first impression can ruin any chance of success before you have opened your mouth, and leave even the most talented individual out in the cold.  Your appearance and behaviour is a critical issue as it is perceived by the public as a direct reflection of that of the organisation.

Join us for a fast-paced, highly enjoyable event designed to ensure you have the skills and knowledge necessary to make certain that your professional image is in line with that of your organisation.


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