Looking and Feeling Great Starts with a Positive Outlook on Life

Plastic surgery is not the only way to look younger, nor on its own can it deliver the miracle some women expect.

Looking and feeling younger, relies on your attitude and outlook to life, the energy and enthusiasm you release, your ability to look in tune with ‘today’, the self-awareness to adjust your hair and make-up to counter the signs of ageing and the knowledge to avoid garment styles associated with the ‘aged’.

From your inner attitudes to your outer appearance and everything in between this valuable seminar takes you on an informative and fun journey down the road of anti-ageing.


Event Highlights

  • how your inner thoughts control your outer appearance
  • hairstyle tips to reverse the effects of ageing
  • 5 make-up miracles to refresh the face
  • how altering the shape of your eyebrows can improve relationships
  • how to find the perfect pair of glasses
  • insider tips to discover clothes that are fashionable and age appropriate
  • the importance of shapewear and lingerie
  • how the right accessories make all the difference
  • 7 essential posture and movement tips that wind back the clock.


Free or Fee?

How to Look 10 Years Younger without Plastic Surgery is the second of our fun and information filled events that will inspire and delight all who attend.

The event is perfect for schools, associations, corporate events, church groups or a special event for friends.


The event is run over 2.5 hours comprising of:

  • 60 mins Part 1
  • 30 min  Coffee Break
  • 30 mins Part 2
  • 30 mins Booking Consultations/Chatting with Guests



This event may be facilitated by the consultant without cost if it is a fundraiser for non-profit organisations.  Under this model the hosts provide the audience, the venue and refreshments and earn the income from tickets and other fundraising activities on the day.  The consultant will provide the entertainment, our ‘How to Get the Most from Your Fundraising Event’ document, and gain consultation bookings and make product sales on the day.


  • there is an audience of 50+ adults for metropolitan events, or 75+ adults and
  • overnight accommodation in three star or better venue for locations that take 90 mins or more to travel one way to consultant
  • tickets are sold before the event


If the host is not a non-profit organisation the event may also be booked as a paid event for $400, plus over night accommodation and petrol reimbursement if the event is 90 mins (one way) from the consultant.  Conditions are the same as above.


  • a projector screen
  • a data projector
  • a microphone for audiences over 75 people (hands free preferred but not essential)
  • A small table on stage for props
  • Two chairs of equal height on stage
  • A trestle table with table cloth at the back of the room to display products
  • A person to help with back of room sales.



“The seminar was extremely successful for our kindergarten. We had 125 women attend and raised over $1750. We have had such a response from those that missed the night, that we’re already planning our next event.”

Carolyn Jardine, A.G. Leech Kindergarten, Maryborough


” The easiest and most successful fund raising event of the year. We raised $1155 in the one night!”

Marie Kelly, Barwon Paediatric Bereavement Program


“What a great night out! It was terrific to raise funds and do something for myself at the same time.”

Helena Irvin, Pearcedale Fire Brigade


“Funny, interesting and inspiring. It was amazing to see the make-over tips revealed.”

Judy Yates, The Body Shop


“My perception of myself changed immediately. I never knew that I could look so good, so easily.”

Linda Oliver, Southern Cross Homes


“At last! A fund raising event that the mums were happy to participate in. The tickets literally sold themselves. We raised over $1000 on the night.”

Cathy Norrish, Newtown Toy Library


“If you’re sick and tired of the same old fund raising events, then this is for you! What a terrific idea! We’ve been looking for something like this for years.”

Karen Osborne, Lysterfield Primary School