Free Lesson from Advanced Multi-Racial Color Analysis Course

Studying to become an image consultant is an exciting opportunity to enter the world of image, fashion and style. Many schools can teach you style yet struggle with teaching you color online. Rather than guess what we are doing, you can watch this video to see one of our color analysis lessons for free.

The challenge can be to know exactly what you are getting in advance. It is important that you know who your trainers are, what their accreditation, their experience is as well as what their training style is like?

We invite you to experience one of our color analysis lessons for free. To take a look at what we have to offer and to see if we are the right fit for you and your training needs.

The Basics of image Consultancy – Module 2 – Advanced Multi-Racial Color Analysis Lesson 12

This course will teach you all you need to know to become a confident, able and professional style and fashion consultant.

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This Course Is:

  • Internationally recognized
  • Earn 4.5 AICI CEU’s from The Association of Image Consultants International
  • Written by image trainers with over 48 years of experience
  • Facilitated by trainers with over 20 years of combined training experience
  • Every lesson enhanced by video
  • Personal encouraging trainer
  • Live video feedback on all assignments

This Course Includes:

  • 35 lessons with .pdfs, videos, downloadable outlines and quizzes
  • Optional style resources with discounted course rate
  • A personal helpful trainer who will provide live video feedback
  • Student Tools posted to you include Mini colour boards, eye colour swatch, temperature, saturation and value game cards Value $60


  • 12-month weekly, post-course education and support Value $520
  • 6-month Professional membership to Image Innovators with access to resources, products, consultant community and ongoing education. Value $300

We hope you have enjoyed watching this free color analysis lesson. For more details on our Advanced Multi-Racial Colour analysis training follow this link

Table of content

Lesson 1 - What is image?

Lesson 2 - History of female fashion

Lesson 3 - The female figure through history

Lesson 4 - Horizontal body types

Lesson 5 - Vertical body types

Lesson 6 - Other figure considerations

Lesson 7 - Face shape

Lesson 8 - Measuring and assessing females

Lesson 9 - How to create a client’s style program

Lesson 10 - How to Personalize a client’s style program

Lesson 11 - Vertical design elements

Lesson 12 - Horizontal design elements

Lesson 13 - Diagonal design elements

Lesson 14 - Circular design elements

Lesson 15 - Fabric and texture

Lesson 16 - Color in design

Lesson 17 - Prints and patterns

Lesson 18 - Principles of design

Lesson 19 - Classics and clusters

Lesson 20 - Jackets

Lesson 21 - Pants

Lesson 22 - Skirts

Lesson 23 - Dresses

Lesson 24 - Shirts, tops and blouses

Lesson 25 - Accessories introduction

Lesson 26 - Earrings and necklaces

Lesson 27 - Heels and hosiery

Lesson 28 - Bags and scarves

Lesson 29 - Hats

Lesson 30 - Eyewear

Lesson 31 - Classic

Lesson 32 - Creative

Lesson 33 - Dramatic

Lesson 34 - Elegant

Lesson 35 - Feminine

Lesson 36 - Natural

Lesson 37 - Sexy

Lesson 38 - One on one consultations

Lesson 39 - Group consultations

Lesson 40 - Body shapes and assessment

Lesson 41 - Suits

Lesson 42 - Jackets

Lesson 43 - Dress shirts

Lesson 44 - Dress shirt pattern and coordination

Lesson 45 - Trousers

Lesson 46 - Accessories

Lesson 47 - Coordination

Lesson 48 - Classic

Lesson 49 - Creative

Lesson 50 - Dramatic

Lesson 51 - Elegant

Lesson 52 - Natural

Lesson 53 - Rebellious

Lesson 54 - Romantic

Lesson 55 - Sexy

Lesson 56 - Professional style

Lesson 57 - Professional grooming

Lesson 58 - Etiquette

Lesson 59 - Body language

Lesson 60 - Dress codes

Lesson 61 - Wardrobe audits and revamps

Lesson 62 - Personal shopping

Lesson 63 - Presentations and workshops

5 Live Style case studies


When does the course start and finish?

  • The course starts when you enrol and is yours for a year.

How long do I have access to the course?

  • After enrolling, you have limitless access to this course for a full year. Students who continue with Image Innovators as professional consultants will have ongoing access.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

  • We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 10 days and we will give you a full refund. Please note if you have downloaded any material no refunds will be given.

What is a CEU?

  • CEU’s are Continuing Education Units which are approved for this course by the Association of Image Consultants International. Our courses are approved for CEU’s but that does not automatically gain you accreditation or certification with AICI. What it gives you is confidence that we have been assessed by our professional association as a course of merit.

What do I do to gain the CEU’s

  • You must commence and finish the course within 6 months