Professional Readiness for Near and New Graduates

Every year new graduates enter the workforce filled with excitement, anticipation and trepidation.  It’s a time where everything is new and unfamiliar – a time where attitudes are shaped and habits formed.

From Campus to Corporate is a seminar specifically designed to enable new graduates and recruits to make the transition from the casual lifestyle of university to the corporate corridors smooth and stress-free.  It will create a sound foundation from which new graduates can launch their career, and instill in them the ethics, attitudes and dresscode essential to become an effective member of a professional and effective team.

Aim of Session:

  • To outline the ‘Total Image’ elements of Hidden Image, Reputation, Seen Image, Experienced Image and Proven Image as the 5 essential elements in achieving long term success.
  • To demonstrate the importance of a positive image on business and social interactions and the effects and ramifications of a negative impression.
  • To initiate awareness, responsibility and accountability for participant’s individual personal presentation.
  • To impart a foundation of knowledge from which to create a positive first impression on anyone they meet.
  • To teach the fundamentals of congruent and consistent professionals.


Topic Overview

How to:

  • Manage the Transition from Student to Employee
  • Develop the Five Vital Areas of Professional Image
  • Discover and Correct Any Image ‘Blind Spots’
  • Build Professional Relationships
  • Build Rapport With Peers and Managers
  • Project Confidence and Competence at Work
  • Make a Great Impression: First Time, Every Time
  • Make the Most of Meetings
  • Master the Basics of Professional Etiquette
  • Build and Manage a Career Wardrobe
  • Understand the Nuances of Business Casual
  • Groom Yourself for Success
  • Avoid Toxic Traits and Credibility Robbers


Please note: topics may be added or subtracted depending on the needs of the organisation.

Brief for Attendees

Entering the corporate world requires a completely different set of skills than those needed on campus.  Learning the basic skills of image management at the beginning of your career is an essential step in establishing your position within the company and with peers and managers.  Every success-orientated professional must learn and master the art of Impression Management in order to motivate others to believe in their talents, listen to their ideas and take action on their proposals.

Join us for a fast paced, highly enjoyable event designed to ensure you have the skills and knowledge necessary to make certain that your professional image is in line with your aspirations.

This event can be run as a half or full day event.


  • From Campus to Corporate Full Colour Manual.
  • Additional Services


Individual personal image programs may be purchased at a corporate rate to accompany this program.

  • Individual Style Guides to go with online personal programs
  • Individual consultations with Image Consultant
  • Personal Shopping