How to Wear a Trench CoatThe art of the trench - how to wear a trench coat a wwoman in a trench coat

Wearing a trench with style takes very little effort.

Simply lift the collar slightly, scrunch-up the sleeves and tie the belt rather than belt it through the buckle.

When wearing your trench open, tie the belt at the back to keep your silhouette lean and shapely.

If I’ve piqued your interest yo buy one this year here are some factors to keep in mind;


This is a classic garment you’ll have and wear for years to come so buy the best quality you can afford. It will pay you back many times over.


🗝️ Stay with a classic double-breasted design with a center belt because it flatters every body type.


There are 4 key fit areas.

🗝️ SIZE: Buy a size that will accommodate the clothes you intend to wear under the coat. The right size will have an overall fitted appearance while still permitting your body to move freely.

🗝️ SHOULDER SEAMS: These should rest at the furthermost edge of your shoulder tips.

🗝️ FRONT PLACET: Should not pull or gape when closed.

🗝️ BACK VENTS: Should lay flat, not slay open


Trench coat lengths can vary.

🗝️ The standard length is 5 cms/ two-inches above the knee. Have rehemmed if it sits longer than mid-knee length.

🗝️ Sleeves should be no longer than at the center of the meaty part of your thumb and no shorter than at the wristbone.


🗝️ Water-resistant nylons and treated cotton are most durable, plus withstand rain and wind best.


🗝️ Knot-tie extra long belt buckles.

🗝️ Buttons should never sit over nipples.

🗝️ Opt for fully-functional, roomy side slant pockets.

🗝️ Removable coat linings will allow for versatility.

🗝️ Traditional khaki colors are timeless, compliment most outfits and can be worn all year round.

🗝️ If you’re fair-skinned, wear a deeper khaki tone and if you’ve got a darker complexion, go for a lighter khaki tone.

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