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Being unique among image consultant training companies is what attracts potential image consultants from all over the world to our Mastering the Basics of Image Consultancy course. We offer both world class, internationally certified image consultant training as well as innovative and up-to-date products and resources.



Mastering the Basics of Image Consultancy is a 3 module, AICI CEU accredited Image Consultant training course.



A 12 day course that and carries a total of 8.4 CEU’s as accredited by The Association of Image Consultants International.

  • Module 1: Style and Image Management. 6 days 4.2 CEUs
  • Module 2: Multi-Racial Advanced Colour Analysis. 5 Days, 3.5 CEUs
  • Module 3: Building a Successful and Profitable Image Business. 1 Day, .7 CEUs

ADDITIONAL BONUSES – worth over $4000

  1. Access to online course (12 mths access) to recap and learn additional topics. 
  2. 12 month membership to Image Innovators with access to many tools and resources including our acclaimed style programs: My Private Stylist and Men of Style.
  3. An invitation to join our closed Facebook group.
  4. 12 month graduate course emailed to you weekly.
  5. 12 months of ongoing support.
  6. 36 Free licence keys for you to use with your clients.

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Image consultant training course image under text style and image management

ONLINE Image Consultant Training

Style & Image Management

Your Place, Your Time, Your Pace

Module 1: Style and Image Management, 64 lessons.

Start Right Now. Your future in Style can commence today. Don’t wait for a better time than now. each lesson comes complete with notes, a video and a quiz to support your learning.

Enrol in the full course and get Module 3 for FREE.

Full online 64 lesson course to give you all of the skills necessary to begin working immediately as a Style and Image Consultant.

Learn all aspects, for men and women of body shape, proportion, personality, garments, corporate adapting, wardrobing, shopping and presenting.

This course is worth 4.2 AICI CEU’s

Investment $1495

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image of three women for color consultant course

ONLINE Color Consultant Training.

Advanced Multi-Racial Color Analysis

Want to learn all that there is to know about Personal color and color consulting.

This 35-lesson online program, complete with training colour tools, will set you up to begin consulting as a confident and qualified Color Consultant.

Learn how to analyse anyone from anywhere in the world.

This course is worth 4.5 AICI CEU’s

Investment $1495

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imaage of woman below text of IMage consultant training business program

Business Building for Image Consultants

Your Place, Your Time, Your Pace

Whether you are a brand new Image Consultant, a trainee Image Consultant or an experienced Image Consultant you will find a wealth of information in this module to start, build or expand your business.

Discover how to find, and work with your ideal client for the rest of your life. Take the guesswork out of building your business.

This program is worth 0.9 AICI CEU’s

Investment $450

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