This week I thought I’d share with you an interview I had with Kim Adams recently for her Body Love Breakthrough Online Summit.
It was a real pleasure talking with Kim. In the interview we discuss how dressing stylishly is not just something to be reserved for when you feel you have reached your weight goals but through identifying your body shape and complimentary colors you can find clothes and styling that will amplify your unique beauty.  
I hope you enjoy it.

  1. Love this. Have been following you from the get go and wish you great successs!

  2. Thanks girls that was AWESOME. Such great advice. Ann… your amount of knowledge on being an image consultant was obvious. I have been a member on your site since the beginning and have loved watching it evolved. I would recommend anyone who has little or no idea about how to dress to plug into this website and be guided to buy clothes that suit …so you can look your best. Can’t wait for more on the Big Girls clothing as I am one of those from Australia that you mentioned.
    Best of Luck

  3. Ann,
    You look great and speak the language (the pain, frustration, and the desires) of so many of my female clients. I want to share this interview with them in my next newsletter!

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