Is it time to take Stock of your Direction?

gold statiue of woman with scales under text Is it time to take stock of your direction

Every few years I believe there are things we all should reassess.

🔦 Who Am I?

🔦 Am I Happy?

🔦 What Do I Want?

🔦 Where Am I Headed?

🔦 Who Are the People I Influence?

🔦 What am I doing to help others?

🔦 What Impression Do I Leave Others With?

🔦 What’s My Body Shape, Colouring?

🔦 What’s My Style Personality?

Life is an ever-changing journey of adventure and challenges, joy and pain, love and loss, giving and taking.

We evolve along the way and every so often we should stop and as ask ourselves these questions and adjust our direction accordingly.

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