Know Your Dress Shirt Collars

Know Your Dress Shirt Collars

There are eight collar styles for men’s dress shirts. They are the Point, Spread, Curved, Band, Button-down, Pinned, Tabbed, and the Wing

Of these, the ones pictured here are the most common. 


The lilac shirt is a spread collar and is considered to be the most formal. That said it does not suit every man. Its wide points will ender it unflattering for men who have a wide or prominent jawline, round face or thick neck.

The width of the collar points requires it to be worn with a tie that will create a substantial knot. Either one of thicker fabric or a half or full Windsor knot.   


The white shirt on the top row has a collar called a point the most common being found on 90% of men’s dress shirts. It is versatile and universally flattering of all the shirt collars as long as the collar is the correct fit around the neck. 

This collar is best accompanied by a Four in Hand tie knot.


This shirt has the collar points secured to the body of the shirt via buttons and originates from a time when men played polo. The buttons were added to stop the collar flapping in the breeze.

It is not the best style to select for men who have thick necks or full faces if they intend to wear a tie. Without a tie, I would also suggest that it is not suitable for men with short necks as it sits a little higher due to the way it’s buttoned.

Button-down shirts are a less dressy shirt and while it can be worn with a tie, I think it’s best left for business casual to casual outfits with no tie. The tie knot to use is a Four in Hand knot. Oh, and please, no ties with short-sleeved button-down shirts.


This is a dressy style collar style for men and will appeal to the more dramatic, creative or flamboyant man.

This collar has a narrow V and combined with the long points tends to be unflattering to men who are thin, have a long face, long neck or are super tall.

Best worn with a Four in Hand knot.

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