Makeup Don't For Over 50's

Makeup Don’t For Over 50’s

She’s beautiful, isn’t she? 💖

But there is one thing I would change…her eye makeup.

My guess is that she’s probably been made up by a young makeup artist who seldom works with older women.

If you apply shimmery eye shadow to an older women’s eyelids, while the color may be lovely the effect of the shimmer/sparkle will do her no favors. Instead, all it will do is highlight the crepiness of her eyelids.

I suggest if you are over 50 that you only use matte eye shadows. These will add color and shading without drawing attention to the creases on your eyelids. You could definitely use a similar shade eye shadow and add the shimmer as a highlighter up under her brow.

Using an eye primer before you add your eyeshadow will also help with reducing crepiness and will help the eyeshadow stay put for longer.

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