A Great Wardrobe is One Filled with Inspiration and Options


It’s not only women who find their wardrobe frustrating; men also waste money on clothes that do not suit their body type or needs.  This can create a wardrobe of clutter and frustration and one which often leads to wearing whatever comes to hand. As a result they look and feel less than their best.    

If this is you, we are the experts to get you and your wardrobe back on track.  

During a wardrobe audit and revamp we will discover the items that work for you, the mistakes that are taking up valuable closet space and the items you need to create a more versatile and flattering wardrobe of clothes.



While not essential, we recommend you first complete a style and colour consultation to determine exactly what suits you best, as this will provide a solid foundation to work through your closet from.  

Your consultant may suggest you do a tidy-up of your closet prior to the day to save you time and money.



During a wardrobe audit, your consultant will discover the items that are working for you, the mistakes that are taking up valuable closet space and what items you need to purchase to create a more versatile wardrobe of clothes.

Wardrobe sessions are usually scheduled for the morning when both parties will fresh and full of energy.

During the session, you will be asked to try on various garments during the session to check their fit and appropriateness.



This varies on the location of your home, the amount of clothes to go through as well as the qualifications and experience of the consultant.  

Audits start at 2 hours and are then negotiated with your consultant.


Please note: It is common practice for your image consultant to request that another female is present in the house while she is working with you.


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