nothing ruins good clothes more than bad posture

Nothing ruins an outfit more than bad posture.

The way you stand has a great impact on how clothes sit on your body and how people will perceive you. You can ruin the look of a really good outfit by not standing up straight.

Poor posture not only makes clothes look sloppy, more casual and even cheap. I have seen clients go out and think, that by buying a really good outfit that they will improve their chances of promotion, landing a job or meeting a special person when in reality, the suit might have been expensive but they did not ‘wear’ it well. their hunched shoulders, sloppy hips and dropped neck ruined any chance of advancement that they had hoped for from their suit.

Poor posture also makes the wearer appear weak and possessing little to no authority.

Poor posture not only affects how your clothing looks, but it can also make it appear that clothes neither fit or are right for you. I have had clients want alterations done to jackets because the buttons were gaping when all that was required was for them to stand up straight. Much cheaper than having alteration done. It can also impact how intelligent or how you appear to others. Not to mention, affecting you physically in later years. 

So make a habit of being aware of your posture. Stand or sit up straight with your shoulders back, stomach in and chin up. Make this a habit and you and your clothes are immediately going to look better, fitter and more engaging. Whilst we may end up sounding like your mother, just remember – Nothing ruins an outfit more than bad posture.


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