accessories for women course under text female accessorizingOnline Female Accessorizing Course

Women love accessories and this online course teaches you how to select and recommend accessories for women. You will discover how to choose accessories that suit their body and personality.

Accessories form the essential finishing touches for outfits and can be used to create a specific image or mood. This course contains all 7 lessons that relate to accessories from our full image consultant styling course.

A solid understanding is fundamental in the selection and creation of the perfect outfit for your female client. You will cover the history of accessories, how to select necklaces, earrings, shoes, stockings, scarfs, handbags, hats and glasses. 

What if I am a trained Image Consultant/ Stylist already?

Many other Image Consultant training courses will teach you how to recognise body shape and coloring, but they gloss over how to select the ideal accessories for women. Whilst they might touch on scale, they do not go into the depth which has been captured in this course. This course is ideal for someone who has a professional interest in accessories and someone who loves looking good and styling is a hobby. You don’t need to purchase our entire training manual but having the knowledge at hand that is covered within this course will enrich your skills as an Image Consultant and make shopping and selecting accessories for your female client’s much more fun and rewarding. 

This is Unit 7 from our Image Consultant Style and Image Management module.

This mini-course contains 6 in-depth lessons covering the essential accessories women wear in one short course.

Contains Lessons

  • 25 – History, Use, Timing, Mood and Scale of Accessories
  • 26 – Earrings and Necklaces
  • 27 – Heels and Hosiery
  • 28 – Bags and Scarves
  • 29 – Hats
  • 30 – Eyewear

Investment US$150 AU$200


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