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Garment Insights – Types of Clothes 

This program is filled with everything you will ever need to know about many different types of clothes from its history, to what elements of the body it supports, conceal and reveals. Learn what types of clothes will reveal and what will conceal the body.


  • Capsules and Classics
  • Jackets
  • Pants
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Shirts, Blouses & Tops

Whether you are mildly interested in clothing and fashion, or you have built a career on it, this course will fill in all of the gaps that you have when it comes to clothing. Discover the history of a piece of clothing. How it has evolved. Learn which body types suit each piece of clothing and how that can affect the body. Will it help to reveal or conceal the part of the body that it covers. You will learn everything about many types of clothes.

Whether you know what body shape a person is or not, understanding the impact a garment will have on the body will help you to know whether it will be exactly the right clothes to suit a body or not.

What do I receive?

Within each lesson, you will find a downloadable PDF, that contains the slides used in the lesson video. It is up to you whether you print these or save them in a folder on your computer.

A video with supporting educational material for that lesson and a quiz. It is up to you whether you do the quiz before you attempt the lesson. To test your knowledge or after you finish the lesson to again, test your knowledge.

This course comes complete with a certificate of completion for you to download. It is not certified through the Association of Image Consultants International. to receive certification, you will need to complete the full program.

This is Unit 6 from our Image Consultant Style and Image Management program.

Please speak to us if this is important to you.

Investment US$150 AU$200


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