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Introduction to Image Consulting and Female Body Shape Analysis

You may have heard about Image Consulting and want to learn the skills, but don’t necessarily want to work with men, or work in Corporate. This Introduction to Image Consulting and Body Shape Analysis Course is ideal for you.

This is the ideal place to start if you are considering a career as an Image Consultant, Fashion Stylist or simply want to refresh your skills or know more about how to dress. 

This course covers

  • The history of the female form and how it has evolved over the years.
  • The history of fashion and it’s evolution as well
  • An introduction to how Image Consulting developed as a business
  • Discover the 6 main female body shapes
  • Learn to assess the proportions of your client to tell if they are long or short legged or balanced
  • Be able to recognise many of the figure concerns that a woman has and how to dress to reveal or conceal her figure.
  • Simple tools to reveal your clients face shape
  • Learn how to properly measure and assess your client’s figure
  • How to prepare a figure analysis profile for her
  • How to personalise the information you give to your client in their personal style profile.

Want to refresh your skills as an Image Consultant?

Units 1- 4 from our Full Style and Image Management program.

This mini-course contains 10 in-depth lessons covering the essentials of analysing the female form, to include body shape analysis, proportions and face shapes.

These lessons are part of our Style and Image Management course


  • What is Image?
  • Female Form
  • Female Fashion
  • Horizontal body types
  • Vertical Body Types
  • Other Figure Considerations
  • Face Shapes
  • Measuring and Assessing a Female Client
  • How to Create a Client’s Program
  • How to Personalize a Client’s Program

Investment US$750, AU$1000

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