image of denim jacket under text principle of line nad design that teach you how to choose clothes


Learn the Principles of Line and Design

This course will teach you how to choose the right clothes to suit every woman. You will learn the effect the line of a garment has on a persons’ body both physically and psychologically and how to make recommendations for your client.

You will come to understand how the choice you make in the fabric will impact a person’s body to make them look fuller or slimmer, taller or shorter and even more respectable, professional or trustworthy. This will help you design the perfect look for you or your client

This course will teach you what you need to know when asking yourself, how to choose clothes for yourself or someone else.

Every time you consult with a client to style or take them shopping you’ll be using the skills learned in these lessons. From how clothing design lines, fabric and texture effect and influence shape, to principles of coordination and color. This section will be the foundation for your styling and client makeovers. 

This course is ideal for anyone who is interested in the impact clothing can have on our body, dressmakers, fashion designers, students studying fashion, stylists, fashion retail shop assistants, and just anyone who loves clothes and wants to know more about the way they make us look.

What’s Included

Part 2 of our Image Consultant Style and Image management program

This is Unit 5 from our Full Style and Image Management program

This mini-course contains 8 lessons and covers the core topics of Line, Design and Principles of Styling.

These lessons are included

  • Vertical Elements
  • Horizontal Elements
  • Diagonal Elements
  • Circular Elements
  • Texture
  • Color in Design
  • Prints and Patterns
  • Principles of Design

Investment US$150 AU$200


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