one gril dressing another - image for personal shopper course learn how to organise a wardrobe of your clients


Learn how to be a Personal Shopper and Wardrobe Consultant

Working with your clients in their wardrobe, to organise, to renew, to relocate, to refresh and to help them see what options they have is a large part of what we do as image consultants. Learn the skills in taking a client shopping as a personal shopper and easily and effortlessly recommend clothing which not only suits their body but their lifestyle, personality and budget. These are imperative tools that are critical to your success.

This course is ideal for the person who has a passion for fashion and wants to learn how to be a great Wardrobe Organizer and how to be a Personal Shopper.

Wardrobe Organizing

When you begin working with clients they will often ask you to give them a hand sorting through their wardrobe. helping them to make more outfits from what they have and to stop feeling as if they have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear. Learn to recognise how best to set up your clients’ wardrobe, to make sense of their mess, find their gaps and make recommendations to go shopping with.

Personal Shopper

A personal shopper takes the pain out of shopping for their client. We teach you how to communicate with your client so that you can put together the right capsule of clothes for any occasion. Help your clients chose their outfits for business or pleasure trips.

Running Workshops

Let’s not forget that a great way to attract clients is through live events and we give you the steps and tools you need to complete those.

What is in this Course

This is Units 13 & 9 from our Full Style and Image Management program.

This may look small, but this unit completes the training of any Image Consultant and/or stylist.

This mini-course contains 5 in-depth lessons covering the essentials of personal shopping, wardrobe organizing and presenting group events.


  • 1 on 1 Style Consultations
  • Group Style Consultations
  • Conduct a Wardrobe Audits with Wardrobe Organizational tools
  • How to be a Personal Shopper
  • Running Presentations and Workshop

Investment US$450 AU$600personal shopper course and wardrobe organizer course shopping cart

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