Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma.
Fashion is something that comes after style.
~John Fairchild ~

A cornerstone service of an image consultant or stylist is personal style education.

Before our My Private Stylist program, it took years of experience before an image consultant or stylist could quickly confidently, and accurately assess a client’s body, age, needs, desires and lifestyle and then accurately deliver which garment and accessory elements suited them best.

Even when a consultant has obtained the skill to do this, most clients can only handle a small amount of information at any one time. The most any consultant or stylist could do was to give the client general style guidelines to follow, or specific information for a certain function or lifestyle need.

My Private Stylist and Men of Style were created to:

  • solve the dilemma of newly trained stylists and image consultants not having enough experience or knowledge to help a client in the way they would like
  • add value to a consultation by providing current, comprehensive and in-depth take-home information for the client to ensure the long-term value of the consultation and increase word-of-mouth referrals from delighted clients
  • both programs can be used for one-on-one consultations, corporate programs or back of room and online sales.
  • both programs are available in English and Spanish


My Private Stylist (MPS) is the most comprehensive and up-to-date style program available today and is designed for women aged 18 to 70 and size 0 to 20.  It is available in English and Spanish.

My Private Stylist is a style rather than fashion program, the images it contains are current though not on-trend.

The goal of MPS is to educate women to all style elements, accessories and basic coordination strategies that suit them best. Once created the client will have lifetime access.

Highlights for clients include:

  • all major clothing and accessory styles are covered including swimwear and lingerie 
  • all items are classified as Great, Good, Good only if and Avoid
  • a synopsis of the item’s description, lifestyle classification and any personal notes are located on the right hand side of the central image.
  • a detailed line and design section which covers: Coordination Strategies for colour, pattern and texture.
  • garment images available in Everyday and Professional views for every style to see how each style subtly changes.
  • recommendations can be printed and use to highlight the accompanying style guide to go shopping.
  • add to Favourites function which allows members to save items.
  • support in How to Get the Most from Your Program area
  • Style Clinic features: in-depth style features written by creator Ann Reinten

Highlights for consultants and stylists include:

The ability to:

  • set your own price (min $69)
  • upgrade and have your photo and profile on the home page
  • create discount coupons
  • make back of room sales
  • change results
  • edit comments
  • add personal notes
  • add items to favourites
  • earn a passive income through online sales

The program can be created as an online program only, or for a small extra fee and postage, a style guide kit may be purchased.  For our northern and southern united states our products are shipped from Michigan.

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Similar to My Private Stylist, Men of Style creates accurate style and coordination to men of all ages.

The program includes a Style Counsel section that is filled with essential ‘How-to’ features.

Men of Style cover image

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