History of Crimson

The History Of the Color Crimson

🔴 Crimson is part of the red family and leans toward purple.

Originally it was made from the dried bodies of female kermes. These were scale insects, which feed on the sap of evergreen oaks. Later the harvesting of kermes was replaced with the Mexican cactus scale insect called cochineal. This was partly due to the fact that it took twelve times the amount of kermes to achieve the color intensity of the cochineal.

Crimson carries the symbolism of red as a color of 💪power, 👁️‍🗨️intrigue, and 💌love.

It is also associated with the ✝️ Christian church and its Bible where it lends itself to the symbolically meaning worship of God or an individual’s sins.

People living in the Elizabethan era associated crimson with royalty, nobility, and others of high social standing. In fact, only individuals designated by English law could wear the color. 

Wear crimson when you wish to be seen as both confident and womanly.
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