The Power of Wearing Blue

The Power of Blue

The Power of Blue

Blue has been a predominant color in men’s wardrobes for centuries and there is a great reason for it.
Blue has a long history with male authority and power from as far back as 1738 when it was first adopted by the British navy.


The most formal blue for a dress shirt given its closeness to white and affords the wearer the image of a clear-thinking professional. 


The color of the shirt ion this image is a beautiful color and is guaranteed to have you standing out because of its richness especially when paired with a red or gold tie. This blue engenders the wearer with the image of reliability, sincerity, and trustworthiness. 


Navy is a great alternative to black and while it may be one rung down on the formality scale it tops the charts for authority, strength, and professionalism. It’s a safe and classic color that will take you anywhere.

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