The Spoiler Effect – Fashion FailsWoman with loud scarf under text the spoiler effect

It’s a crying shame when your image is ruined by an outfit oversight or malfunction.

Here are a few to be on the lookout for:

🤦 Laundry tags left on scarves, wraps and coat sleeves.

🤦 Errant bra straps peeking out from under a neckline or sleeve.

🤦 Tears or pulled threads.

🤦 Stains

🤦 Fallen hems

🤦 Missing buttons/broken zips

🤦 Bulging pockets

🤦 Visible Panty Lines

🤦 Wearing the wrong type of bra

🤦 Forgoing shapewear if your body is soft/full and your garment is close-fitting.

🤦 Pant hems dragging on the ground.

Can you think of other things that belong on this list?


It’s a fashion formula that shows you know what it takes to stand out in style.

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