Wearability 5- Appropriateness

wearability 5 appropriateness what to wear and whenWearability 5 – Appropriateness

If the clothes in you’re wardrobe are not making you look and feel fabulous, then you owe it to yourself to discovers those that do.

Being appropriate is one of the foundations of true style.

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APPROPRIATENESS is next in my wearability series.

What’s fine for a 20 something to wear to a club; is likely, not appropriate to wear to the office Monday morning.

Knowing when and where it’s appropriate to wear garments, lengths and depths not only shows self-awareness but also respect for others.

It’s always wise to be sensitive to the effect you create and the way you wished to be perceived by others.

Aim to always turn heads for the right reason.
Discover what suits you best from tops to pants, dresses to lingerie, hats to shoes and everything in between AND how to best coordinate them into figure-flattering outfits.

It’s an investment that costs little and provides life long benefits.

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It’s a tiny investment that provides lifelong dividends

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