What Is A Personal Brand

What Is A Personal Brand

We know about the importance of company and product brands but what about YOUR BRAND?

What are the perceptions others have of you? 

Your brand.

Everyone has one whether they realize it or not. 

Think about the people you know… the ones who:

  • are always late,
  • talk big but delivers small,
  • can be counted on to do what they say,
  • can be relied on for sage advice,
  • get drunk,
  • gossip,
  • have foot-in-mouth disease

The list goes on…

Whether you’re young or old, a professional or stay-at-home parent, educated or not you already have a personal brand.

If your brand is not as positive as it might be the good news is it can be improved with a little consistent effort. Note down the characteristics you would like people to associate with you and what they would look, sound and how others would experience them.

Work on improving one brand characteristic at a time and before long you and your brand will start experiencing social and/or business improvements.
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