Handwriting Insights

What Your Handwriting Reveals About You

Do you know the study of handwriting is called Graphology and it stems back as far as 1575?

It’s amazing how much an individual’s handwriting can reveal about their personality traits, level of self-esteem and even behaviors such as if they are lying.  

All this from noticing characteristics such as how much pressure a person exerts on the paper when writing, how they dot their ‘i’s’, crosses their ‘t’s’, tails their ‘g’s and ‘y’s’, slants and spaces their words and much more.  It’s truly fascinating.


Indicate that the writer is outgoing, sociable, and may like being the center of attention. 


Those who have small writing are more likely to be shy and timid. Small writing is also an indicator of meticulousness and intense focus.


Medium-sized writing is produced by those who are well-adjusted and adaptable. 


The person is probably easy-going and likes to try new things and meet new people.


These writers are most likely to keep to themselves and appreciate solitude and anonymity.


When writing is vertical the person is considered rational and level-headed.

The information for slant above is if the person is right-handed. For left-handed people, the information is reversed. 

Have I piqued your interest?  Google graphology for more information.

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