What Etiquette Has to Do With Your Clothes

What’s Etiquette Got To Do With Clothes?

Etiquette is the art of putting people at ease and demonstrating respect and consideration toward others.

The way we dress is an important part of that process which is too often overlooked.

From the way, we dress for work to how we turn up for a funeral, family gathering or church, our clothing choices dress affects not only the way we look but how others will interpret our attitude toward the occasion and the people present.

Taking the time to think about the messages your choice of attire and grooming will say to others can save you the pain or embarrassment of being misunderstood.

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself.

Is this outfit and my grooming:

APPROPRIATE: For the occasion and people present?

ENHANCING: Does it make the most of my weight, shape, and age.

GOAL EFFECTIVE: Will it leave the impression I intend.


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