Congratulations, I see you are enrolling in Garment Insights course.

Have you considered how beneficial it could be to you to add Principles of Line and Design into your study notes?

Garment Insights begins with Capsules and Classics and moving onto the core items of Jackets, Pants, Skirts, Dresses, Shirts, Blouses and Tops, this course covers all aspects of female garments from their fashion origins to style variations, wearing strategies, fit points and alteration possibilities.

Once completed you’ll have a deeper understanding and appreciation of female garments and their adaption to the female shape

Consider adding the Principles of Line and Design, you will learn how to work with the horizontal, vertical, diagonal and circular lines. How to make the most of texture, prints, patterns and design. 

Every time you consult with a client to style or take them shopping you’ll be using the skills learned in these lessons. From how garment design lines, fabric and texture effect and influence shape, to principles of coordination and color. This section will be the foundation of your styling and client makeovers. 

This mini-course contains 8 lessons and covers the core topics of Line, Design and Principles of Styling.

This combination of courses is ideal for:

  • Students of Image Consulting,
  • Students of fashion design,
  • Pattern makers
  • Costume designers
  • Home sewers,
  • Style bloggers
  • Anyone else who has a love of clothing and garments.

Upgrade your order to include this fabulous course for only $100 and save $50 on the price of the Garment Insights program.