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Which of the following activities most interest you?

A - If you already love shopping for fashion with friends it’s likely, you’ll be a great personal shopper. You probably already have brand awareness so once you understand how particular garments sit on certain body shapes you will have the
makings of an image consultant with a specialization in personal shopping.

A - Experimenting with clothes is essentially creative. If you have an eye for what combinations work well together and enjoy doing this, you have what it makes to advise clients on outfit choices. Having this innate skill is so valuable and you will be able to build on this with further skills gained from image consultant training.

A - Understanding what garments suit what body shapes is something your clients will love you for. Not only will they be pleasantly surprised by the difference appropriate garments make to their personal presentation, but they’ll be thrilled by the time they will save through knowing what garments to reach for, both when out shopping and in their own wardrobes.

A - If you love imparting information and have a passion for style, it may be that you will be successful online as an image consultant blogger or through presenting workshops and information sessions or even as a keynote speaker. A strong writing ability, experience with producing video or a background in presenting are all invaluable in building a successful career as an image consultant.

A - If this is something that comes naturally to you it can certainly be built upon to become the foundation of an image consulting career. There are plenty of people running their own small business or trying to get on in the workforce who would benefit from learning how to make a positive professional impression.

A - A person who enjoys helping others feel better about themselves via dressing, behavior, attitude, thoughts or anything else is a perfect candidate for become an image consultant! Any training you do will enhance this innate characteristic and set you up to be a very good image consultant indeed.

What image areas interest you?

A - Many clients will appreciate your outgoing and gregarious nature, and quite likely the type of clients you’re likely to attract will also be outgoing and gregarious.

However, it is also possible you may encounter more sensitive or conservative clients. With these clients, they will relate to you well if you can temper your outgoing nature sufficiently to ensure them that you are also an excellent listener.

A - As an introverted and shy person, you will probably find you prefer to work one on one. Even in this situation you will need to remember that overcoming your introverted tendency to ask your client sufficient questions is in their best interest, and ultimately yours, as an image consultant.

The best relationship between consultant and client is one that involves effective two-way communication.

Once you’re confident you've mastered your topic and are committed to assisting your clients, this should help you overcome any shyness.

A - Being driven and goal oriented positions you extremely well for establishing your own image consulting business. In fact, perhaps you have already set up another successful business...? All you need now is to be armed with the appropriate information and training in image consulting!

A - As a person with an even temperament, you are definitely suited to working with all kinds of clients. You will be able to engage well with quieter clients without intimidating them and yet also demonstrate you’re able to hold your own with more outgoing types.

Which best describes your working style?

A - Enjoying working alone is a very useful characteristic for an image consultant - most do work alone as sole traders. This is why networking events are so important in this industry, to prevent image consultants from feeling isolated and to keep them in touch with trends and innovations.

Of course, to be a good image consultant you will need to enjoy working with your clients as well! However, you will find that much of your time will be spent alone preparing, marketing and researching.

B- If you prefer to work for someone else, a career in image consulting can be forged within someone else’s business, very often in retail or small business, but also potentially in the education, corporate or not for profit sectors.

B- If you to receive clear direction your work you will definitely need to work for someone else. 

A career in image consulting can be forged within someone else’s business, very often in retail or small business, but also potentially in the education, corporate or not for profit sectors.

Do you have any fashion experience?

A - As the saying goes, having a passion for fashion is what makes an Image Consultant tick. Already knowing about clothes, clothing and fashion has you on the road to working in a field that you already know and enjoy. 

A - As you have no previous fashion experience, consider what other experience you have that will establish you as being an effective image consultant. This may include previous experience as a consultant in another field, previous business experience or client service experience.

Many successful consultants have come from fields and careers that have no relevance to image consulting or fashion. As long as you want to work with people and make them feel good about themselves, we can teach you the tools to use.

Accordion Sample Description

How do you see your business if you became an image consultant?

A - Like anything, the more you put into your career the more you will get from it. If you’d like a full-time career in image consulting, you will need to work hard from the outset in order to build up your business. Initially many of these hours will be unpaid, but your investment of time will eventually reward you.

Another option if you want a full-time role is to seek employment with another image consultant or a company that employs image consultants, such as a retailer.

A - A part-time career in image consulting is ideal if you don’t require a full-time salary. If you can remain actively involved in networking events and open to the latest industry trends sufficiently to remain relevant this can be a very good option.

Combining image consulting with a role in an allied industry such as fashion design or as a makeup and skincare consultant could mean you value add to both roles.

A - Working as an image consultant in a not for profit capacity should be relatively easy to achieve as there are plenty of people who appreciate free or inexpensive advice.

However, it will still be important to decide who your target market is, how you’ll reach them, what you’d like to specialize in and be able to represent yourself effectively in order to reach your audience.

When listening to other’s problems I am….

A - As an image consultant, it is important to be able to understand the problems clients face and assist them with solutions.

As an empathetic person, you will be more able to assist clients by devising solutions to their particular problems as you will be able to relate directly to their situation.

A - As an image consultant, it is important to be able to understand the problems clients face and assist them with solutions.

Demonstrating sympathy is going to position you well as a non-threatening person clients can confide in. You can then build on this to present practical solutions to your clients’ problems.

A - As an image consultant, it is important to be able to understand the problems clients face and assist them with solutions.

Reassurance will be comforting to clients. If you can combine reassurance with solutions to their problems, you will become an effective image consultant

A - As an image consultant, it is important to be able to understand the problems clients face and assist them with solutions.

Being able to problem solve is key to becoming a good image consultant. This is what clients will be hoping to receive from you when they consult you.

B - As an image consultant, it is important to be able to understand the problems clients face and assist them with solutions.

If you don't like to listen to others’ problems and help them by developing solutions it will be difficult to work one on one. You may, however, be able to work as an image consultant by presenting to groups rather than helping individual clients.

If you’re asked to speak in public how do you react?

A - As you don't enjoy public speaking at all, you will need to position yourself to work one on one with clients or with very small groups.

A - As someone who loves public speaking you are well positioned to run workshops and give presentations on image consulting.

A - Speaking in public is extremely helpful in an image consulting career. There are processes that can help you overcome any nerves you may have, such as meditation, speaking practice or coaching. And remember; the more you know about any topic, the more confident you will become in speaking about it.

Alternatively, you may prefer to work with clients one on one.

A - Speaking in public is extremely helpful in an image consulting career so being willing to do it opens up more opportunities for you.

There are plenty of places you look to in order to seek help - mentors, peers, coaches and online tips.

How do you view education?

A - Perfect! If you love continuously learning about image consulting you are a prime candidate. Full steam ahead!

B - Knowing that learning is important is the first step but to be really successful you will need to fully engage with it. If you are passionate about the topic, then that will come more easily for you.

A - It seems you embody the perfect approach to learning - understanding that learning is ongoing and knowing why it is important positions you incredibly well.

A - If you are already skilled in image consulting then that’s great! But image consulting is a vast field so there is generally something new to learn or new ways to look at what you’re already aware of.

The other great thing about learning is the valuable contacts and friends we meet along the way.

B - If you find education boring you will need to make a more concentrated effort to learn about image consulting but if you love the topic, you will find it easy to apply yourself.

Tally up Your Scores. What is your result?

From the responses you’ve given here, it appears you’d make a great image consultant! You clearly have some passion and knowledge about certain areas of image and any training you undertake will only enhance this.

You have the right attitude and interests to make a good image consultant. If this is a path you feel passionate about and want to dedicate yourself to learning more about, it seems from the responses you have given that it will work out well for you.

It appears you have the interests that many image consultants have but not necessarily the attitude/mindset required. Working for yourself is never easy and pushing yourself through any barriers that may be career limiting can be difficult. This career path may work out well for you if you are determined to apply yourself and work hard.

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