Great Products, Ongoing Education and Support Are Our Cornerstones

As a sole operator, it can be a lonely and sometimes scary career path.
We know that because we’ve been there and not only survived but thrived.
We have the tools, education, products, and support to help you build the business you desire.

Casual membership to image innovators

Casual membership is ideal for consultants who are in the early stages of building their business or for those who work part-time. Free Membership.

We’re pretty exclusive: we don’t sell products to just anyone. Only to image consultants or stylists who have been formally trained. Who you trained with will be asked on the application form. If you haven’t trained yet – check out our training page

Our products include

  • My Private Stylist
    • Style Guide
  • Men of Style
    • Style Guide
  • Colour Swatches
    • Premium
    • Ombre
  • Powerpoints
  • Social Media posts
  • E-Books
  • Hard Copy Books

You’ll be assigned a password protected private admin site where you can 

  • access training,
  • client details, and programs.
  • order products.
  • watch webinars
  • download e-books and basic resources
  • track online sales
  • track commissions owing and paid out

Purchase color swatches, drapes, and determination boards as well as My Private Stylist and Men of Style license keys, style guides, and presentation tools all at wholesale prices.

You’ll be able to create in-house training programs for clients with our image manuals for corporate and seminar sales. 

You will have access to an online sales training and toolkit for building your business, create discount coupons, online quizzes and some webinars for free.

You’ll be able to attract a passive income when you promote My Private Stylist to online customers. Add the link to your website under Virtual Styling, promote on your website and/or blogs through a variety of easy to implement banners. Whichever way you decide, you’ll get 40% return.

You’ll be able to attract a passive income when you promote Men of Style to online customers. Add the link to your website under Virtual Styling, promote on your website and/or blogs through a variety of easy to implement banners. Whichever way you decide, you’ll get 40% return.

Once a member you’ll be invited to join out closed Facebook group where every day we add new and interesting posts such as features to help you grow your business, cool finds, quizzes to test your skills or knowledge, webinars, videos and more. It’s also the perfect place you to ask questions and get help from our members.

Twice a month we run webinars on Business Building, Image, Fashion or Tech Skills all designed to help you grow a successful, sustainable and enjoyable business. You’ll have the opportunity to attend the live webinars or watch them on demand for only $19 ea. Any webinars to do with selling or promoting Image Innovators products are delivered free to you.

This is a free Membership Option. You must, however, be a trained Image Consultant to qualify.

Professional membership is brimming with products and resources to support and grow your business.
$50 per month delivers $580 in value each and every month.

License to use Image Innovators Merchandise

Private admin site

Unique My private Stylist URL

Unique Men of Style URL

Closed Facebook Group

On-Going Education

This is a BIGGIE! Become a professional member and we’ll give you 3 FREE style programs (male or female) each and every month. Better still, the programs can accumulate up to 100. Use them with clients on an ongoing basis or save them up for a corporate event or seminar – it’s up to you. AND, if you need more they are only $35 ea to professional members. 
NOTE: Style program penalties occur if you miss a monthly payment.

Have your own swatch cover professionally designed using our template and instructions and we will print and send them to you. NB A fee occurs for each print run set up.

Everyone loves freebies and our books Timeless Style (for women) and Make Your Mark for Professionals are great for promoting your business and building a much-needed database.

From everyday client forms for one on one consultations as well as other forms for group presentations and trade shows. Client databases, social posts and powerpoint programs – we have a lot to offer and more on the way. Free E-books to give away and hardcover manuals to use in workshops.

Getting found is half the battle in business and as a professional member, you’ll be listed in our International Directory. We are always being told by consultants that they get clients as a result of this additional marketing.

Every aspiring presenter needs high quality, up-to-date, professional visuals but finding the time to create them can be a pain, not to mention the researching and image search. So, we do the hard work for you! As a professional member, you’ll have access to the women’s Dare Yourself to Shine 45 min program. Coming in 2021 will be additional Powerpoints, one 20 min Color Savvy program and one 90min all-around corporate program titled The Polished Professional which covers all aspects of a professional image from dress to behaviour. 
We’ll be creating more as time progresses and we receive feedback from you on what you’d like.

From time to time as professionals, we all need someone to lean on, someone with experience to bounce our ideas off, to seek advice from, an empathetic ear when things aren't going as expected. As a professional member, you have 30 mins a month* with either your Consultant Manager, The CEO or your Master License Holder, all you need do is make an appointment and we’re yours. An hour with any of our managers or directors for their regular clients starts at $150. 
*Additional time can be purchased.

There’s nothing like a quiz to gather a database of potential clients to promote to and we have two fabulous ones to get you going: What’s Your Style Personality and What Sort of Shopper are You? Each one promotes My Private Stylist and will link back to your version. The names are also stored in a database for you to use.

  •  Remove the Image innovators logo from the front page and add your own logo
  • Add a full profile and photo to the Your Consultant page.
  • Add your own products to the store page with a link back to your payment page.
  • Email your clients and subscribers directly from your admin.
  • See all your potential clients: those who have completed one of our quizzes or subscribed to our blog - Style Clinic

This is an upgraded feature on top of the Professional package.

Sara Hatten-Masterson

Sara Hatten-Masterson Brisbane

“From the time I trained over 10yrs ago to now, Image Innovators has continued to support my development, innovate with their products and training.

I can’t imagine my business without them!”

Akiko Takato-Magno

Akiko Takato-Magno Japan

“I’ve used your products since 2009. You provide a lot of things that I can use to improve myself and my business. My personal favourite is My Private Stylist. My clients really love it – its one of a kind. My image consulting business has become successful because of your tools.”

Lizel van der Westhuizen

Lizel van der Westhiuizen Johannesburg

“Image Innovators provide a great platform for Image Consultants. My business has gone from strength to strength with all the marketing material that is provided to assist us. 

The support we get is professional and supportive.”

Eve Michael

Eve Michael Texas

“Thanks for always being only a Skype call away whenever I need help or advice and for such great products.




My clients just love them!!”