• Have you always been known as Image Innovators?


    Until recently we were known as The Australian Image Company. Due to our ever growing international market we launched Image Innovators. In 2011 Image innovators was adopted as our primary name as it more accurately describes our present business.

  • Who is Image Innovators?


    We are an international image consultant, training and resource company. Our internationally certified training is renowned for its content, quality, after course care and recourses. We provide innovative and high quality image resources and support to image consultants. We are the largest image consulting company in the southern hemisphere with consultants in over 27 countries. We have master license holders in South Africa, Mexico, Slovenia and Croatia.

  • How does Image Innovators differ from other image companies?


    Apart from being the largest image consulting company in the southern hemisphere, we are internationally renowned for our accurate, innovative, high quality and up-to-date image products. We have a particular interest in creating innovative online image products. In addition, we are one of the only companies that insist image consultants who wish to use our products have been formally trained or have been working full-time in the image industry for at least five years.

  • Why should I select an Image Innovators Consultant?


    All consultants under our banner have either been trained with us or by a recognised image training company.
    We do not support untrained image consultants.

  • How long has Image Innovators been in business?


    The Australian Image Company was established in 1996. Our trading name was changed to Image Innovators in 2011.

  • Why should I train as an Image Consultant with Image Innovators?


    Our training is internationally certified by AICI The Association of Image Consultants International

    We only use trainers who have established full-time, profitable image consultancy businesses which have been running as such for at least 5 years. Our trainers are also selected because of their ability to provide training that is upbeat, fun and filled with their experiences - there'll be no long boring sessions with us! We provide more training materials and resources than any other company. All are in full colour and very comprehensive. On request we will gladly supply you with names and contact details of all students from the last three courses for you to contact. All training companies will say they are the best however, we are so sure we put you in contact with past students. We provide post course support and assignments to ensure you are both confident and competent with clients. We provide on and offline support to our consultants 5 days a week.

  • Do you provide products and services outside Australia?


    Yes, to both questions. We have distribution centres in the USA, South Africa, Mexico and Slovenian. In addition we have consultants in many countries - to see a full listing CLICK HERE

  • Are your products in languages other than English?


    Yes, most of our products are also available in Spanish. The My Private Stylist Program is also available in Slovenian.

  • How Can I Contact Image Innovators


    You can contact us on email: info@imageinnovators.com or phone: +61 3 9841 7197