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Mastering the Basics of Image Consultancy


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“There is no greater privilege than being the catalyst for positive change in other people’s lives”

Ann Reinten - AICI CIP

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Clare Maxfield AICI CIP

Lead Trainer

Clare’s leap into Image Consultancy commenced in 2002 after working as a flight attendant and a successful model. Today she is internationally known, as an award winning image consultant, author of 5 published books and valued board member internationally within the Association of Image Consultants International.
Clare is a Certified Image Professional, trained consultants in Kazakhstan, Kiev, New Zealand and Australia and works personally with many of the leading hotel and finance companies.
Now as Consultant Manager and Lead Trainer for Image Innovators Clare is exactly the person you want training you to get the image career you’ve dream of.

Ann Reinten AICI CIP


Known throughout the international image community as a leader and innovator, Ann Reinten has built a reputation for image products and services that keep abreast of the times and have lasting value.
In 2010 she was the recipient of the coveted IMMIE ward by the Association of Image Consultants for excellence and innovation.
Ann’s company has grown to be the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and her training courses are held in many countries. From her humble beginning as a nurse Ann has proved that when passion and purpose collide nothing is impossible.

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Frequently asked questions...

Yes, Our Senior trainers and our CEO, Ann Reinten are all certified as CIP (Certified Image Professional) by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).
Yes, we are. Ann Reinten AICI CIP is a well-known and respected trainer, image consultant and image product creator. She has been facilitating image consultant training courses for over 20 years and has run them in several countries. Clare Maxfield AICI CIP has been training in image for over 20 years and is a certified trainer and NLP Master Practitioner. Lula Kiah AICI CIP trains in both English and Spanish in North and South America and Kyla Blackwood-Murray runs our courses in South Africa.
Yes, Image Innovators is the largest image consulting company in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the largest in the world. It is our great reputation that causes most Image Innovators courses to be attended by international students who have been sufficiently impressed with Image Innovators to fly great distances to train with us. All of our courses are recognised within their own countries and through our professional body the Association of Image Consultants International.
There are currently people all around the world who have very little experience who are promoting themselves as image trainers. The result is often a trail of very unhappy and frustrated students, which reflects badly on those of us who care about quality and integrity.
Yes, the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) certifies the course with Continuing Education Units (CEU’s).
Continuing Education Units are a standard of measure for assessing professional development in many fields. As Image Consultants our CEU’s are monitored and controlled by our professional association and are used to regulate and ensure high standards are met with our training programs. Please note that this course is a training approved by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Certification, earned through the trainer upon completion of this course, is entirely independent from AICI’s professional certification programs. (If you wish to pursue AICI Certification, please refer to AICI’s website http://www.aici.org/)
Currently we have trainers in Australia, North America, South America and South Africa. Each trainer holds training at least twice a year.
Students from various countries and locations that we have not considered request from time to time courses. We are willing to run a course anywhere as long as it fits into our schedule and there are at least 4 students who wish to do modules 1 through 3. If a person finds 6 other students (excluding themselves) they will be rewarded by waiving their training fee.
Anywhere from 4-8 and most courses often includes 2-3 international students. To ensure all students get the personal attention required an extra trainer is used during the hands-on sections of the colour module.
Very Soon. We are currently developing our online training program utilising the latest in training tools that are available. This training will mirror our classroom training and is ideal for anyone who cannot make the classroom training. Everyone who attends our classroom training will have access to all of the modules, videos and training tools that will be created. If you would like to know more or for other training queries, contact us via email.
Both of our online and our classroom training programs use the same manuals. The differences you will discover are that our online course is self-paced and you can study in the comfort of your own home. We are able to go into greater depth for each topic online. Online we provide additional resources, links and videos that we do not have time to share with you during the classroom-training environment.
Our classroom program allows you an opportunity to learn with other students. Classroom students will be granted access to the online training modules to watch the additional material at their own leisure.
Your preferred learning style will be your greatest consideration. We have found successful students have studied both online as well as in the classroom. The choice is truly yours.
Yes, we have many and they are located on the testimonials page – PRESS HERE
Yes and we highly recommend it. The only way to truly know what a trainer and a training course are like is to ask past students. We are so sure that our students are delighted with their training that if you submit this form we will provide you with the names of all course attendees from the last 3 training courses from either, Australia, South Africa, North America or South America. This way you can contact the students and ask what their experience of our training, post course mentoring and ongoing assistance has been. All companies will say their training is the best but few are willing to give out unedited contacts!
This is one of the aspects of Image Innovators ‘Mastering the Basics of Image Consultancy’ course that thrills students. Each student receives enough training material and business resources to fill a small suitcase (which we also give you) – easily enough to start their business immediately following training. Please see our training page for photos of what you’ll get – PRESS HERE
After the ‘Mastering the Basics of Image Consultancy’ we help each new consultant by setting post course assignments in both colour and style. These assignments are designed to weed out any misunderstandings or weak areas to ensure you become a competent and confident image practitioner. We also mentor students via email, Skype and phone call, and our friendly staff is also always ready to see what they can do to assist you. We also have a full time Consultant Manager who is there to help answer your questions.
In addition, all Image Innovators consultants receive access to live fortnightly webinars which are also recorded so you can watch again later, tech tips to update you on what the latest technical tools that are about and regular updates to keep them up-to-date with what is going on in the world of image.
As a dedicated training and resource company Image Innovators has all the products an image consultant needs to run their business, from colour swatches to our internationally acclaimed “Your Personal Style Solutions” style programs (hard copy and online) to image manuals and much more. We have a monthly membership of $50 with Image Innovators. Products - As a training and resource company we have all the products an image consultant/stylist needs to run their business. From colour swatches to our internationally acclaimed My Private Stylist style program to image manuals and more. Additionally we have an optional monthly membership is $50 with a value of.
This membership gives you 3 free style programs per month, access to our catalogue of webinars and to attend the two live webinars we run each month, weekly social media posts to use, tools at below wholesale prices and inclusion on our membership directory and 12 months of personalized mentoring. Students with Image Innovators get a complimentary access to all of the above bonuses after training with their membership subscription starting up to 12 months after they complete the course they have attended.
Yes, a desire to help others achieve their best, an entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to work hard to make your image consultancy a successful one.
It is impossible to run an image business without stock (style portfolios, colour swatches, etc); you also need some office items like stationery, business cards and maybe a professional outfit or two. Usually $2,500 will cover these additional needs. In addition we strongly suggest joining The Association of Image Consultants International, which at this time costs $250USD. Chapter meetings are currently held in locations all over the world. AICI holds a fantastic conference in bi-annually, which is always worth attending. Other smaller conferences can be attended in many other countries as well.
We have found over the years that often the students who do best, in the shortest time, are those who have already been involved in a successful small business or have been successful in direct marketing (especially selling makeup). These individuals understand that it takes time, effort and perseverance to become successful. Having said that, there is no direct formula. Success is reliant on you doing the work required to build your business.
We have seen students aged from 19 - 65 complete our training. The optimum age is mid and start successful businesses 30s through to the late 40’s.
When you train with someone you know you can trust, someone who has the experience, the credentials and the reputation that you need, you are training with the best. We are 100% dedicated to our consultants. Many trainers need to see clients to generate enough income to sustain their business. Because of the size and success of Image Innovators our consultants are our clients and this means we give them 100% of our knowledge and our time. We have a dedicated Consultant Manager who is there for you. That’s why our motto is ’Your Potential is Our Passion‘.
If you want to book into an Image Innovators Training Course please enquire via email here

Please note that these training courses are approved by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Certification, earned through the trainer upon completion of these courses, are entirely independent from AICI’s professional certification programs.

(If you wish to pursue AICI Certification, please refer to AICI’s website http://www.aici.org/)